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EUSA Speacker Gavan Howe


Banff, Alberta, December 2, 2011 PARKS CANADA

Avalanche forecasters hope smartphone-friendly bulletins - featuring less text and more graphics - will help young, tech-savvy backcountry adventurers make better decisions before hitting the slopes.

Working closely with eBranders, Parks Canada and the Canadian Avalanche Centre created a new avalanche safety bulletin format that they will begin using this month.

"The new avalanche bulletin provides easy-to-understand information we want people to use before heading to the mountains", said Grant Statham, Mountain Risk Specialist of Parks Canada. "With eBranders' help, we've made a pretty significant shift from a text based bulletin to one that has much more graphics and colours. We really tried to simplify it so people can see it clearly."

eBranders was tasked with the critically important makeover of the mountain safety icons. These need to convey urgency + simplicity at once, so that any member of the public can understand the avalanche danger at a glance.

Avalanches are the deadliest natural hazard in Canada. On average, 14 people are killed by avalanches in Canada each year.
- Parks Canada - AvalX Press Release Dec 2011

November 2009 Toronto, Canada - Ebranders recently completed, and launched the newly redesigned Markham District Energy (MDE) website. This web site is as unique as Markham District Energy is itself. MDE is a leader in this emerging field and has been widely recognized as such. Web site visitors will find an extremely user-friendly navigation system utilizing iconographic imagery as well as words to insure the user experience is pleasant, fast, intuitive, and, a rewarding one. Bruce Ander, President of MDE decided early on that ‘showing’ the power, and efficiency of his utility was for more important that just telling people about it, and decided to embed a host of video resources and links that show the wisdom of green energy: combined heat and power.

The decision to embed powerful and highly usable video resources proved to be a wise one. By carefully tracking the originating source of web site traffic we found that fully 50% of all site visitors are arriving through the You Tube video portal. The key learning’s are: through the application of the strategic ebranding ™ approach, we helped MDE develop an ebrand™ which is highly informative, educational, and easy to use by any stakeholder. Further this ebrand™ strongly advocates that users consider a greener way to create and utilize heat, cooling, and power needs in today’s modern work/life communities.

- link

October 01, 2009 Torotno, Canada - Gavan studies Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University, and as part of these studies he focuses on the risks to privacy, and security of the new ‘Smart’ Electrical Grid. The change facing this 99.9 % reliable, fully dependable operating system of systems is so large that it has been likened to a ‘paradigmatic shift’ for consumers, and business on a scale similar to the invention of the facsimile machine, or the creation of the internet, and email. Ask yourself where would we be today without these new, highly transformative technologies?

Gavan has looked at traditional change models utilized by those who consult to electrical utilities to helping these organizations change. Looking at this shift from a systemic view, Gavan offers up a newer model for change that includes two critical inputs: the Environment, and the Unknowns. Gavan believes there is a need for dialogue in the executive suite of North American utilities surrounding the all important human element, and how this impacts planning for improved Smart Grid security, and privacy.

- link

June 1st Windsor, Canada - ebranders founder and CEO, Gavan Howe speaks at the 94th Annual General Conference of the Electrical & Utilities Safety Association ‘Don’t Gamble with Safety’ on June 1st in Windsor. Gavan discusses why some classes of electricians, and other workers (those allowed under OHSA regulations to work on electrical equipment take risks around energized electrical equipment. Additionally Gavan discusses how agencies and companies can better organize themselves around electrical risk and harm reduction.

May 2009, Toronto, Canada - Certicom asked ebranders what sort of advertising, or PR campaign we would recommend in order to deliver increased awareness, amongst electrical utility executives quickly, of Certicom as a premiere supplier of highly effective cyber security solutions for the emerging Smart Electrical Grid? After careful thought our answer was neither.

Instead we recommended the creation and launch of a unique-to-the-world, online ‘Certicom Center of Excellence for Smart Grid Security’. Our deep, and wide experience in developing brand solutions and communications initiatives for over a dozen Smart Grid clients, allowed us select a unique ebranding ™ market space for our client to carve out, and own. We did so based on our deep understanding of one of the underlying ‘voids’ in this swiftly evolving marketplace: a lack of consensus amongst North American electrical utilities on exactly what ‘Smart Grid’ means, and further, what Smart Grid Security really entails.

November 2008, Ontario Canada - The Distributor (Electricity Distributors Association publication - EDA) publishes "Using your electronic brand to its fullest potential" written by Gavan Howe, president of Howe Brand communications and ebranders. Nov. 2008, page 29 link + link

June 15-18 Toronto, Canada - Gavan Howe will appear as a co-speaker at the 18th World Conference on Disaster Management, headed by Richard van Pelt, Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, a Master of Science degree in Business Organizational Management, a Master of Business Administration degree and a doctorate in Business & Administration with an emphasis on Change Management. June 2008 - link

Jan. 2008, Zurich - Professor Dr. William K. Holstein, Professor of Strategic Management and Information Systems, GSBA Zurich, takes interest in the term ebranding™ and cites the ebranders.com version of the definition of our definition of ebranding™ in his presentation to graduate students at the Zürich Graduate School of Business (where he is member of the Executive Faculty, and teaches Marketing and Corporate Strategies). Jan. 2008, page 10 - link + link

November 2007, Ontario Canada - The Distributor (Electricity Distributors Association publication - EDA) publishes "Using your electronic brand to its fullest potential" written by Gavan Howe, president of Howe Brand communications and ebranders. Nov. 2007, pages 20-21 link + link

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