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Who we are

In 1982, Gavan Howe walked into the offices of the General Manager of The Globe and Mail to pitch an idea. Within 2 weeks the idea was approved by the publisher and within 12 months, it had generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of new advertising revenue. Since then, The Globe’s Report on Business has carried Report on Technology, a section that has helped guide Canadian business through the most technologically innovative decades in history. Report on Technology was the first Canadian “broadband” print medium to recognize and create a meaningful dialogue around technological convergence, and its impact on Canada's business decision makers.

It is that kind of awareness, insight and anticipation the market has come to expect from Howe Brand Communications Inc. and our internet brand, ebranders.com. We are a full service brand communications partner, providing strategy, branding, positioning, creative development/execution, media planning and execution for traditional and new media, such as web sites specifically created for both official languages, English and French.

We combine the experience gained through hundreds of classic brand successes, with the limitless possibilities of interactive communications, to benefit our clients.

Because Howe Brand Communications thoroughly understands the strengths of traditional branding theory and practice, we also understand its weakness when translated into an electronic interactive medium. For that reason we have developed a new approach for the new environment, e-branding™.

Gavan Howe, President & CEO - PhD (expected 2014)
Member, NERC Smart Grid Task Force


A native of Quebec City, Gavan has been employed in the advertising, communications, brand development business for over 30 years, and was a principal in some of Canada’s top brand development agencies. He has held leadership roles at the Globe and Mail, and Mediacom Inc., and has an MA in Leadership (Royal Roads University). He is enrolled in the PhD program for Human and Organizational Systems (HOD) at Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California,

Gavan is a risk scholar/practitioner who specializes a risk mitigation communications planning and execution. He focuses on the role of emotion in communications aimed at modifying behavior, i.e. have you ever been terrified by a commercial, and wondered if this ad was effective? His Master’s thesis studied occupational risk taking by experts (electricians and those approved by OHSA to work on electrical equipment) and, how best to modify this risk taking through print, broadcast, and electronic media channels.

Gavan’s doctoral research and studies will expand on his graduate work and will overlay inquiry into risk and harm mitigation strategies for individuals, and organizations. Additionally, a special focus of research will be placed on the security and privacy risks of the emerging Smart Grid, and how electrical utilities can best organize themselves around risk and harm reduction in this regard.

Jacqueline Howe, Chief Publishing Officer


Over her 25 year career, Jacqueline has built, bought, sold, re-launched and re-branded, integrated, and managed some of Canada’s favourite magazine brands. From 2005 to 2010 she was responsible for Transcontinental Media’s English consumer magazines and their multi-media brand platforms which include:  ELLE Canada, Style at Home, Canadian Living, Homemakers, The Hockey News, TV Guide, Western Living and Vancouver Magazine, along with the magazines she sold to Transcontinental through her own business, AVID Media: Canadian Gardening, Canadian Home & Country, Outdoor Canada and Canadian Home Workshop.
Jacqueline has been recognized in the media industry for her contributions as a long serving PMB board member, ABC magazine committee member, Magazine Canada board member and The Advertising Sales Club’s award of merit for ongoing excellence in the Canadian magazine industry.  Folio ranked her company, AVID Media, as one of the fastest growing magazine businesses in North America in 2003.   As Chief Publishing Officer at Howe Brand, Jacqueline has built media brands for our clients through connecting content and commerce – in print and digital.

Gilles Chateau, Creative Art Director


A native of Versailles, France, Gilles has spent the past 25+ years honing his artistic, communication, and creative skills. Gilles is a graduate of Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Appliques de Paris.

 “Over my 25 years in the business, some of them spent traveling and experiencing cultural diversity throughout the world, I have practiced my skills as an art director, illustrator and copy writer in five different countries for a number of agencies in Paris, Lausanne, London, Los Angeles and Toronto. Being fluent in English and French has allowed me to broaden my opportunities over the years, allowing me to work on national accounts like Perrier, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, and the various Government Agencies, Provincial and Federal.

After joining the team at Howe brand Communications in 2000 my focus has become web communication and design.

My interests in photography, travel, soccer, and music combined with my love for art, communications and design, have translated into a superior understanding of print, broadcast, and web advertising

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